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The Mozartkugel. What more can we say! Millions, if not billions, of Mozartkugels have been sold since its creation in 1884. And it could only have been created in Salzburg. Today there are many varieties of Mozartkugels, but only one original recipe. Try your hand at making the original chocolate recipe from the city of music at the Mozartkugel course at Dallmann’s patisserie.

Marzipan, nougat, chocolate. And lots of skill. These are the ingredients of the perfect Mozartkugel. Plus, a little patience of course! The chocolate has to cool and harden before eating.

Marzipan, Nougat, Schokolade. Und viel Gefühl. Das sind die Zutaten einer perfekten Mozartkugel. Und dann braucht man noch etwas Geduld. Denn bevor sie auf der Zunge zergehen kann, muss die Schokolade erst noch abkühlen und fest werden.

Mozartkugel courses at Dallmann’s patisserie: Three delicious variations

Mozartkugel Show for groups of 20 or more

We show you how Mozartkugels are made. Every participant gets to dunk their own Mozartkugel in chocolate – and keep it of course! 
Per person: € 12.00 incl. VAT

The Mozartkugel Show is only available on weekdays from 10:00-11:00!

Mozartkugel Show & Coffee Break for groups of 15 or more

‘Work’ comes first as we show you how Mozartkugels are made. Every participant gets to dunk their own Mozartkugel in chocolate. After the hard work is done, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee break either in our café or on the terrace if the weather is good. 
Per person: € 18,.00 incl. VAT

Mozartkugel Course including Certificate for at least 10 persons

Make your own Mozartkugels in our Mozartkugel course. All participants receive a chef's hat and a certificate on successful completion of the course. To round off the day, there’s coffee and a piece of Mozart’s Reisetorte. 
Per person: € 37.00 incl. VAT

All you need to know about our Mozartkugel Course

Certified chocolate enjoyment

Become a certified Mozartkugel specialist in just a few hours. But often it’s something else that’s more important than the certificate: The feeling of holding the first Mozartkugel you ever made in your hand, wrapping it in silver foil or eating it right away!

Become a Mozartkugel specialist in just one hour

The impeccably clean kitchen at Dallmann’s patisserie in St. Gilgen is packed. Complete with white chef’s hats and aprons, Spanish and Portuguese tourists roll walnut-sized Mozartkugels. Gleeful laughter fills the room when the work of art is dunked in the nougat sauce. Despite some small hiccups, everyone receives their certificate. The Mozartkugel course is one of the highlights on offer in the birthplace of Mozart’s mother. The fun of production.

“It’s quite easy” says Master Confectioner Franz Mayrhofer as he explains patiently and in practised English how the famous Mozartkugel is made. First, pistachios are mixed with marzipan and the ensuing green paste is rolled out and dusted with a little icing sugar. Lucia Valverde from Madrid has a natural talent for it, but family man and father-of-three Javier Morales is hot on her heels. He quickly rolls the paste into a ball, dips it expertly into the melted chocolate and skewers it on a wooden stick. The chocolate dries in just a few minutes. Morales proudly wraps his own, handmade souvenir in silver and blue foil and pops it in his bag.

Tourist treats

Dallmann’s patisserie produces a few thousand Mozartkugels every year and around 500 people take part in the courses. “Four years ago, the idea was to get people to interact with village and not just traipse through it. They should remember their visit to the Mozart village”, says Franz Mayrhofer, Owner of the café and Head of the St. Gilgen Tourist Board. 

‘Mozart’s Reisetorte’ to finish

To round off the € 28-course, the 17 tourists and their guide, Irmi Flucher, are treated to a slice of ‘Mozart’s Reisetorte’ (lit.: Mozart’s Travel Cake) and a coffee. The recipe was created in St. Gilgen during Mozart’s lifetime and is made from nuts, marzipan and chocolate. It’s possible that Mozart’s mother gave her children a similar cake to accompany them on their travels, explains the creative Master Confectioner. “This delicious cake stays fresh for up to two months.”

The guests are thrilled

The holidaymakers leave the café delighted. “Marvellous” enthuses Javier Morales after reflecting for a moment on the sunny Saturday and their romantic tour of the Weiße Rössl Hotel in St. Wolfgang and refreshing boat trip. “I would like to bring my family here in the summer for a holiday, maybe rent a house.”

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